Sistem Usaha Tani Perladangan Gilir Balik Masyarakat Dayak Meratus

Usaha Tani Perladangan Gilir Balik Masyarakat Dayak Meratus di Desa Haratai Kecamatan Loksado Kabupaten Hulu Sungai Selatan

Aan Yuliono, Hamdani, dan Ahmad Yousuf Kurniawan


The failure of green revolution has encouraged people to return to a locally based sustainable agriculture. The Dayak community has implemented this farming system, which is called turn-back cultivation, since their ancestor. However, after many years, this system is suspectedly changed. Thus, this study aims are: (1) to describe turn-back cultivation activities from pre-planting until post-harvesting, (2) to study Dayak community local wisdom on turn-back cultivation, (3) to analize ecology level which relevant to sustainable agriculture, and (4) to determine turn-back cultivation economic feasibility. The process of turn-back cultivation always through the regularly stages, which are some of them were preceded by the traditional rituals. Those stages have nature conservation/preservation values. Beside, turn-back cultivation have local wisdom in terms of conservation/ecology, food security and socio-cultural. The ecological level was categorized as intermediate because some activities and inputs were not suitable to sustainable agriculture requirements. Based on economic feasibility by using Revenue-Cost Ratio (RCR) criteria, turn-back cultivation was not feasible.

Key words: turn-back farming, ecology, revenue-cost ratio

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