Hal-hal yang ditakuti orang Jerman

Giessen - Setiap orang memiliki hal-hal yang ditakuti. Demikian pula dengan orang Jerman. Secara umum, orang Jerman takut dengan masa depannya (Zukunftsangst). Berikut ini hal-hal yang ditakuti orang Jerman: Kemajuan teknologi informasi Jerman sangat terkenal dengan kemajuan teknologi, termasuk teknologi informasinya. Tapi siapa sangka mereka takut dengan perkembangannya, terutama perusahaan-perusahaan big tech seperti Google dan … Continue reading Hal-hal yang ditakuti orang Jerman

Hofgut Fridelhausen: Farm for disabled

Friedelhausen - It has been 2 years when my friends and I visited this farm during the Deutch language course in 2012. I was impressed a lot. Not only about how our language ability progress significantly as the guide only speak in German, but also how magnificent the farm was. Biohof Hofgut Friedelhausen is a … Continue reading Hofgut Fridelhausen: Farm for disabled

Examples of farm business in Prague, Czech Republic

Prague - Czech Republic (former Czechoslovakia) has experienced the agricultural system under communist regime during 1948-1990. This system was known as collectivization, which was first enforced by Joseph Stalin in the Sovyet Union during 1928-1940.  In this system, land ownership was restricted from maximum 150 ha of agricultural land per family, then reduced until up … Continue reading Examples of farm business in Prague, Czech Republic