Hofgut Fridelhausen: Farm for disabled

Friedelhausen – It has been 2 years when my friends and I visited this farm during the Deutch language course in 2012. I was impressed a lot. Not only about how our language ability progress significantly as the guide only speak in German, but also how magnificent the farm was.

Biohof Hofgut Friedelhausen is a fascinating farm which combine integrated farm, organic farm, and social/humanity lifework. It engages on core bio agriculture, dairy, horticulture, marketing, housekeeping, herbal, and handicraft. They also provide workshop for herbal healing and people with disabilities.

The estate lies on the Lahn River between Giessen and Marburg. Historically, the compound was founded in 1564 by Friedrich von Rolshausen. Before 1982, the estate was abandoned and most of residential and commercial buildings were in heavy damage. The initiator saw that the estate was suitable to realize the idea of a socially therapeutic community here. Thus, through the Hofgemeinschaft für heilende Arbeit e.V., the estate was leased in 1982 (www.friedelhausen.de).

Some picture on Fridelhausen

Some pictures of the excursion to Friedelhausen in 2012 (Photo: Kurniawan, 2012)

Afterward, the main buildings were restored into their original state. The cellars were modified for dairy products processing and storing. The additional stables for cattle, dairy cows, calves, and pig, were built along with the small biogas plant. Some modern buildings have been built as a workshop for disabilities. Several green houses also available to cultivate exotic flower, vegetables and fruits.

Now, this compound provides the basis for the farm community. People with different abilities and limitations, old and young, disabled and non-disabled, have found their live and work. Today, approximately 80 people are living and working in that community on the basis of anthroposophy.

At a glance, this farm is a lesson where business, environment, and humanity can go hand in hand (with government and communities support, of course).

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