Berlin Sightseeing

Berlin – Berlin sightseeing is an excellent way to gain some insight about Berlin and the historical expedition it went through so that lessons could be learned for developing countries. The trip gave us a good understanding how different economic policies used in different parts of Berlin resulted in different social classes when Berlin was divided into two. From the clarification of the tour guide, it has been noticed that people have tried to migrate from eastern Berlin to western parts of Berlin. This could be a good example how economic differences could be a reason for migration at this time in the world. The sightseeing, on January 24, 2015, began by exploring the west and east part of Berlin with the explanation of several important governmental building and some well-known site, historical buildings and museums.

Gendarmenmarkt Square

Gendarmenmarkt was first built in 1688. It stood as a marketplace and was part of the city’s Western expansion of Friedrichstadt, one of Berlin’s emerging quarters. The square shows the Konzerhaus, flanked by German Cathedral and French Cathedral. The place depicts the Berlin early history, where all religions in Europe were invited by King of Prussia, Frederick William, to life in peace in mutual respect. The tolerance was highly emphasized.
We learned that to build a great city or nation, all community groups should be accommodated regardless their religion, race, political and cultural background. Their safety and livelihood must be guarantee, then they can participate in development. Thus, the development can run smoothly when the stabilization is established under peace, mutual respect, and tolerance.

Gendarmenmakt: Konzerthaus and Parish Dome (left), and German Dome (right)

Gendarmenmarkt: Konzerthaus and Parish Dome (left), and German Dome (right) (Photo: Kurniawan, 2016)

Berlin Wall Memorials

The Berlin Wall Memorial is located in Bernauer Strasse, the former East Berlin. It is an open-air exhibition which consists of the Monument in the Memory, check point, the death strip, the famous Berlin wall and Documentation Center. The rule under socialist regime in East Berlin related the Berlin Wall and the death strip policy were explained briefly.
The Documentation Center depicts the history of Berlin Wall from construction until its fall and the people who try to across the wall to get freedom in pictures and videos. All material are preserved include research archives, photos, maps and escape routes, and various periodicals objects and relics. Those materials are presented interactively. Thus, the facility is the place for remembrance, study and research related to Berlin division during 1961-1989.
By visiting this site, we can learn how German government and society preserve their dark experience and take it as a lesson so it would not happen again. In addition, the interactive displays made the visitors are not boring. It is a good example to manage historical place or museum as study and research site in entertaining way.

The Berlin Wall Memorial: Brief explanation about to the wall (left); and The Death Strip (right)

The Berlin Wall Memorial: Brief explanation about to the wall (left); and The Death Strip (right) (Photo: Kurniawan, 2015)

Special thanks to Solomon T. Feleke for editing.


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