Economist Jokes


Giessen – Following jokes are told by professors, lectures and student in the field of economics. They maybe have similarity in certain books or websites, which I don’t know. So, sorry for not mentioning the written sources, as it is beyond my knowledge.

A pianist, a physic, a mathematician and an economist went to a black market which sell human organ. They interested to visit a brain shop. As entered the shop, they saw the list of brain price per 100 gram: pianist brain 10 euro, physicist brain 100 euro, mathematician brain 500 euro, and economist brain 1 million euro. They were curious by how the price was extremely differ. Was that based on brain quality, rarity, or else?

“Oh, they are based on rarity,” said the shopkeeper. “The pianist’s is the cheapest because of so many pianists on the street. The physicist’s is more expensive as it is quite rare, and the mathematician’s is rare.”
“So, the economist job is very rare in this world. Not so many people could become economist”, said the economist proudly.
“No. The economists have no brain. Thus, it is extremely rare or almost not exist”, said the shopkeeper calmly.

An economist visited a university to discuss economic matters. But there was no economic department in the university. So, the economist was invited in a professors meeting to give a short lecture about economics.

After a brief explanation on economic theory and applications, a professor from natural science said: “Well, I’m sorry. You can’t go to our department. We only discuss the facts with solid evidences. Maybe you can go to theology department.”
A professor from theology said: “Well, you may go to our department since we have similarity in how to convince people.”



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