Giessen – Germany has tradition of Bauernmarkt (farmer market) or also known as Wöchenmärkte. This market can be found in every German cities. In Landkreis Giessen, at least 8 markets can be visited. Two in the city center of Giessen, and others are in Biebertal, Gruenberg, Hungen, Laubach, Lich, dan Krofdorf-Gleiberg. The market opens once a week, except a market in city center which open twice a week.


Stall of seasonal flower (Photo: Kurniawan, 2012)

I usually visit one in the city center. Here, we can observe how traditional market is. We can find organic food, healthy food, or exotic food; or homemade only. Processed agricultural products are also traded, include traditionally baked bread, fish, sausage, and honey. Flower and decorative plants can be found on the edge.


Various spices (Photo: Kurniawan, 2015)

The situation is much the same as in Indonesia, where the sellers yell out their traded goods with unique shout; visitors chit-chat to the sellers or to other visitors; friendly seller help in picking the vegetables and fruits. The market also has good atmosphere as the air is filled with fresh aroma and fragrant of traded goods. I wish they sell halal food someday.


Moving stall of home made bread and cookies (Photo: Kurniawan, 2015)

Generally, the buyers are old people who always give warm smile and greet each other.


Fresh fruits and vegetables (Photo: Kurniawan, 2015)

It is advised to visit 1 hour before closed. Who knows we can get bigger discount. As you know, the price of eco- or bio-product is little bit higher… ;).


Stalls at the parkplatz, Giessen (Photo: Kurniawan, 2015)


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