German Farmer Association

Berlin – Agriculture plays important  role in German economy, where it generates 68 billion euro per year. While, agri-food business contribute 150 billion euro per year, or roughly 4-5% of GDP (GTAI, 2017).

Whilst as food producer, farmer has recognized position to determine agricultural policies in Germany. They have a strong association to stand up their interest. They involve on decision making of agricultural policies in Germany and EU level.

After world War II, farmer unions were independent and have different goals. This lead to make policy by government. Therefore, a strong one organization was needed to represent farmer interest. Then, German Farmer Association (Deutscher Bauernverband – DBV) were established 1948 to represent the interest and necessity related to the agricultural and rural development. DBV is politically independent. In 1995, DBV launched an office in Brussels in EU Headquarter.

DBV is an umbrella of various farmer association in 18 states in Germany, where 90% of 380,000 German farmer are voluntary joined. DBV also supervise 30 organizations in district level who directly involved with farmer issues. Moreover, 45 farmers and rural associations were also joined DBV.


DBV Headquarter in Berlin (Photo: Kurniawan, 2015)

DBV represent the interest of farmers, forester, and people living in rural area, include: agriculture, economy, environment, legal, fiscal, education, internet, health, and social. These issues are voices in Germany, Europe, and around the world (likewise FAO; International Fund and Agricultural Development – IFAD; European Farmers’ Association – COPA); World Farmer Organization – WFO).

DBV is also the first contact point for all questions linked to agriculture. They also provide authentic and competent information about farming in Germany to decision-making, consumer, and media.

DBV is independent and not a government funding organization. They get funding from: basic fee one a year (depend on acreage and region), special question who need expertise (depend on problem and region), and fee for general question/service and short advice via telephone.

Imagine if our Indonesian farmer organization, like: KTNA, SPI and other are strong as DBV.


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