A farmer did land preparation in a swamp agriculture area of South Kalimantan, Indonesia. Farmers are a noble profession. It is because they give benefits to others as well as other living things by providing food. Planting also makes the environment healthier for all sentient beings. Plants and trees provide extraordinary beauty, shade and natural scenery. In addition, the faithful and patient farmers will gain more glory because all the crops eaten by both humans and animals, and even the stolen ones, are all worth as the alms.
Prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon him) said: “It is not a Muslim planting crops and the plants are eaten by humans, animals or birds; but the plants become alms to him until the Day of Judgment.” (Narrated by Imam Muslim) – (Photo: Kurniawan, 2014, in Flickr


A hero called farmer

4 thoughts on “A hero called farmer

    • Well, in general the prosperity is increasing but not significant. However, farmer who hold less than 2 ha of land and only rely on rice are still difficult to sustain their daily life.
      Hopefully they get better chance in the future.
      How about farmer in Central Kalimantan? I heard from some colleagues that modern combined by local farming practices were introduced, especially in the ex-mega rice project area. There were some success stories few years ago. I didn’t know if this status continues or not.


      • I am not so update either about the farming here. As far as I know, yes some modern farming styles were combined with local farming. It was successful, but now I don’t get updated information about it. Some years ago, my regency got the appreciation from central government as the regency with good and adequate food.

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